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#47 : 1989 Ford Ranger 4x4. Update of the Update: This truck has now been owned by all the Rossi siblings. Danny originally owned it, I bought it from him, Alex bought it from me and now Alex sold it to our sister Lisa. All 4 of the siblings that grew up together have now owned this truck. Update : Well this one has now been owned by all the older Rossi brothers. I just sold it to Alex (in order to get the F250), so Danny has owned it, I've owned it, and now Alex owns it. Keeping it all in the family. You may say, "Hmmmm, looks familiar." Well, there's a reason for that, you've probably seen it in some of the Ranch pictures. That's because I bought it from Danny. Needs some work, but it runs pretty good, and I got it for a good price. So, I guess the Wrangler is going to have to wait a while. But at least this way I won't have to shovel the snow off the driveway, just stick it in 4WD and I'm home.