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#46 : 2000 Chevy Metro LSi (which stands for 'not a whole hell of a lot of extras' ). I know, a Chevy. But for $7,500 for a 2000 with 17,500 miles, Ford didn't have an option as good. It's small. Way small. It is in really good shape and it will get me from home to Brockbank and back every day without the stress I had when trucks threw rocks at the Mustang. And since it is front wheel drive, It'll do much better than the Mustang would. It will do everything the Voyager was supposed to do, and it even still has 2 years on the factory warranty, plus a 30 bumper-to-bumper from the dealership. Brand new tires (still has the little hair thingies new tires come with), air conditioning, 5 speed and a HUGE 1.3L fuel injected 4 cylindar. No power windows, no power locks. AM/FM Stereo (no, I didn't forget to mention the cassette or CD) And I can even get it, the Mustang, the motorcycle and the LTD in the garage.