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#45 : 1985 Plymouth Voyager. [as most of you know by now, this one turned out to be a big disaster. The tranny was messed up, and even worse, the frame was bent. Yes, it is now just a planter in my yard, although I'll probably donate it to the National Kidney Foundation for the tax write off.][ Even the kidney foundation wouldn't take it, I had to put an ad in the paper "Haul it away and it's yours, no charge". You wouldn't beleive the number of people who called, say free and they'll take anything. ] Yes, a minivan. Well, I needed something to commute to Brockbank in (don't want so many miles on the Mustang) and a more economical way to get to the land. And, well, um, yeah, the fact that Capt. Janeway of Star Trek Voyager is my hero did have someting to do with me choosing a minivan, the Voyager in particular. I did pay only $275 for it and it runs pretty good and other than the color (Gold) it looks pretty good. I will have to put about $300 or $400 into it to get it legal (windshield, tailight lens, wiper motor) but for a total of $800 it's going to be a great deal. I hope.