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# 48 - 1986 Ford F250 4x4. Well, I sold the Ranger to Alex and bought me another truck. 460 CID and a 4 speed. Sound like anything else I've owned? #42 - 85 F250, same engine, same tranny. Could pull a house up Parley's Summit at 50 MPH (and 4 MPG). One of my old students came by a month or so ago and said he was selling his truck, we had already discussed how similar it was to my old one. The price was right and Alex wanted the Ranger, so I decided to get it. Very unlike me, eh? (NO!). Anyways, Alex & his Ranger, Danny & his Jimmy and me and the new F250 go up Lambs Canyon to play in the snow. Had a blast, only got 'almost' stuck - that means it took a bit to get it out. Well, the truck performed perfect, except I really could use some better off road tires. So, I get up the next morning and try to start the thing up, and nothing. Nada, zip. Not even a whirh, click or the buzzing of an almost dead battery. Son-of-a-%#&($. Just bought the damn thing and already it's busticated. So, I try jumping it. I try putting the LTD's battery in it. I try wiggling the wires to the starter button (oh, did I mention that the ignition switch is messed, so they installed a starter button?). I try messing with the clutch cutoff switch. Nothing. And it's blocking most of the driveway. Scream, yell, kick things. Still doesn't want to work (no, I didn't put any new dents in it or break anything else!). Damn! So, squeegee the Mustang out of the garage and around the truck and take it to work. In the snow. Still fuming at the truck. Even more on the way home when the roads are ugly. I get home, try to start it - still silence. Hmmm, maybe I should call Kirk and see if there is a little quirk that I should know about. Duh. Guess what? Yup, one little thing - sometimes the wires to the starter button come loose and need to be tightened down. So, while I have him on the cell, I go out to the trudck, tighten the wires and try again. Suprise, suprise, it starts cranking! Yeah! Moral of the story - what may seem like a big problem sometimes turns out to be nothing - just call the guy you bought it from.