August 2006 Edition
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Got this in an e-Mail from my Granite Park Work-wife and thought it was pretty funny,

Once upon a time, a girl asked a guy, "Will you marry me?" The guy said "No" and the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, drank martinis, always had a clean house, never had to cook, stayed skinny, and was never farted on.

The end.


From Danny : Black & Gus or Obviously not a Texan, the video. Click Here


Ok, you try to get a 2 year old to keep still while you take a picture of him eating. But Dylan was just looking too cool not to try.

Spent the afternoon going through a half-empty hundred year old building looking for computers. It was kind of surrealistic, going through those bi9g classrooms with the big old windows and all the woodwork and carpentry. Felt like I was in an episode of "Welcome Back Kotter" or "Fame". You know what you can find in a school that's been around for a century? Those little eraser pencils with the brush on the end that say they work on "originals and carbon copies". Yup. Among the many things I found was this computer, An IBM 9164, whatever that is. Anyway, after getting prepared for classes tomorrow, that's what I did for the rest of the day. Got to know the building pretty well, but I still have two more buildings to go through. Ah, the thrills of being an STS. Tomorrow I have my first day of classes, it'll be an experience running a high school class. Wish me luck.


So, a bunch of scientists got together and now Pluto is officially no longer a planet. Silly me, I always thought he was a car driving dog that hung out with Mickey Mouse. Seems Pluto isn't round enough, it's orbit isn't round enough and it shoulda taken out it's moon, which is too big compared to Pluto itself. The science teachers were all talking about it and how they were going to have to get new books (yeah, right) or explain to the students how the book is now wrong. Bummer, sucks to be them. The good thing about math is 2+3 will always equal 5. Of course I'm now teaching computers, and you know how that never changes. Anyway, it's been a really busy week for me. I've spent about 8 or 9 hours teaching inservices on the computers. You know the saying "Doctors make the worst patients"? Well, that goes for teachers too. We suck as students. We do the same things that we wouldn't accept in our students. Chatting while I'm teaching, yelling out questions while I'm helping another teacher, asking what to do right after I went through the process, slowly. Despite all that, the inservices all went well, they seemed to appreciate my help and I get along well with pretty much everyone on the staffs. Working on the computers and setting things up has been fun too. So, I may be stressed and frazzled, but I'm still lovin' it and not yet regretting the move.......


Got a couple of my favorite video clips back up here : Aliensong and Mouse Final. Check 'em out if you haven't already.


Wanna see the pictures Alex & Marijke got while they were in Alaska? Well, then just click here. Plus, I've gotten Lisa's Birthday, 2006, Christmas 2005 & Nothing, Arizona galleries put back up.


What a week. Put an STS after your name and all of a sudden you can't go anywhere without hearing "got a minute? This'll just take a second." Monday I have to head down to Granite to set up a couple of computers for registration. To do that I had to run out to Office Max and pick up a network splitter. Tuesday I was at Granite helping with registration, and of course helping with technical stuff. Thursday was marathon day. 7:00 am 'till 4:00 pm at the District Offices getting major brain overload. ETC, PG&E, work orders, eMints, blasting, Novell Cleint 6.5, dual bott or single boot, CyberCorps and do you want the Treo (P or W), XV6700 or just a plain phone. I felt like my head was going to explode. At least they told us that they didn't expect us to remember anything and to call if we have questions. Anyway, looks like it's going to be a busy year for me, a lot of stuff I'll be learning, but I still think I'm going to enjoy it. It's stuff I want to learn, the people I'm working with are good people, the ones at the schools really appreciate the help I give them. Busy, frustrating, exciting, interesting and learning. Gonna be a year, that's for sure.......


Happy Birthday Camden!
Happy Anniversary Jenn & Scott!


Happy Anniversary Lynda & Todd!


Happy Anniversary (again) Alex & Marijke!


Just as God intended, a Ford towing a Chevy. I got a few good stares as I hauled two truck loads of crap I threw out the other day. It's amazing the kind of crap that I had packed away in my garage. I've thought about how it would be nice to have a bigger home, but this changed my mind, the house is big enough for me and if I had the extra room I'd just store more crap in it. But I've got the garage 2/3 cleaned out, well enough to get the bookcases I got from Lisa and Jim set up and can also get the cars in and out. I just have to go through all the boxes stored in the corner and stuffed on the shelves of the bookcase, but I can do that a little at a time and throw it away in the regular trash. Now all I have to do is get rid of the 86 Ford and the Nissan.


Danny sent me this : The top 10 unintentionally worst company URLs. Click here if you want a good laugh.


Finally moved all my stuff out of Granite Park and into Granite High. I went from a room without any windows to a nice big one with a great view of the front lawn and 33rd South and even a nice sized workroom off the back. There's windows in the wall between the classroom and the work room, so it isn't the slightest bit claustrophobic. [See pictures here]. I also found out it's going to be like old times for me. The principal, a vice principal and two counselors from Brockbank are going to be there, and another counselor is a teacher I worked with from Churchill. And they are all even people I enjoyed working with........


Some interesting statistics on Global Warming from the first of a series in The Salt Lake Tribune. [ I'll be adding to it if there is any other interesting stuff in the following articles]. Click here
Homerisms, click here.
And finally, from Lisa [the sister], The Engineering Exam Problem. Click here.


Now it's double official : summer is almost over. A week ago I got the official "welcome back" letter from the Tech Department at the District. Today I got the same from Granite High School, spelling out the plans for that first week before the kids show up. August 22 at about 6 am my summer ends. The students show up on the 28th. The fun part is that I get to do two 2-hr sessions of web design with the teachers from Granite High and Granite High Alternative (formerly known as Central High). Carole Harris is a firm believer in teacher web pages that inform parents and students of assignments and projects they are working on. You may remember that I did the same thing at Brockbank when I was there. Anyway, I have to admit that I'm getting a little bit nervous about teaching High School, and the fact that I'm teaching a new curriculum. But at the same time, I'm pretty excited about it. STS and computer classes. Both things that interest me, and that I know I'll enjoy learning about. Well, let the games begin..........


Happy Anniversary Jeff & Amy!


Happy Anniversary Alex & Marijke!


Boredom is a dangerous thing. If we all remember the storm that came through the valley yesterday around 10 am, you may know that it put 26,000 homes and businesses out of power, some of them in Provo and the Millcreek area of SLC are still without power (25 hours later). Anyway, the storm put the power out at the Chevron right around 10:00 am, and it didn't come back on until just after 7:00 pm. My shift started at 2:00, so I had 5 hours without power, and without power the Chevron has to completely shut down. Well, it didn't take long to get pretty much everything we could do done, including filling the ice cream coolers with ice to keep them from going bad, so I had a lot of time where my only duty was to go out and tell people that we were closed, and that without power they weren't getting any gas. The amazing thing was the number of people who expected me to know exactly where the closest gas station with power was. Ummm, Chevron, not Rocky Mountain Power. And I really hadn't had the opportunity to cruise around the neighborhood looking for open gas stations. Well, I got bored. Real bored. And even worse, I had my new cell phone (with digital camera) with me. Anyone who knows me at all knows what I did. Yup, a bunch of pictures. If you really want to see what kinds of things I took pictures of while I was bored out of my skull, just click here.....

08/01/06 @ 10:28 am

It's always nice when you plan something out, produce it and have it work just the way you hoped. That was one hell of a rain storm that just blew through. Turned my driveway into a river, and the cement Alex and I poured into a step worked perfectly. It pushed all the runoff coming down the driveway right around the house, didn't even come close to going over the step and nary a drop made it to the back door. Nice.....


Ok, so it's really still the 31st, but I figured I'd get a jump up on the month change. Anyway, just wanted to thank Danny for the help with the folder sharing on my home network. 'Cause now I can sit up in my front room and work on the web site, even though the computer it's on is down in the basement. I can even print down to the printer in the basement, leaving the room up here less cluttered. So, now I don't have to go down to the basement except when I have to do Free Wheeler's payroll on my iMac, which is also down there. (And if you've seen my basement [aka "the dungeon"], that's a good thing......)


Dad, Danny, Alex, Marijke and I went up to the land last weekend. We didn't tell Dad that we were going up there to paint and put up the trim on the cabin, but he happily helped anyway. While we were up there a short thunderstorm rolled through, we saw lightning strike the hill below and to the east of us, and saw smoke coming from where it struck. Of course we had to go investigate, we even brought water and shovels so we could play firefighter. We figured we could put out anything that was small enough to burn itself out. But by the time we found it, the local volunteer fire department was already there and they pretty much had it under control. (Click here to see the pictures) Despite the rain and firefighting detour, we got the cabin painted and the trim up. What with that and the floor done now, it's beginning to look like a real building. And during the rain storm we realized just how much we're going to appreciate having it there, especially during the winter months....
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