My New Classroom @ Granite High School

Looking towards the back of the room.

The windows in the back of the room look into my STS work room. It has windows looking into another teacher's room, not sure how well that's going to work out, I think I'm going to cover the windows with butcher paper so we don't distract each other.

I went from a room with no windows at all to a great view of the front lawn, looking out onto 33rd South.

Looking at the corner of 33rd South and 5th East

More computers, well since I am teaching computer classes instead of math.

Looking towards the front of the room.

More towards the front of the room.

The sink in my STS work room. Last year I had a sink and it was actually really convienent having easy access to one.

The view out my workroom.

Yup, I even have a phone up there.

More of the workroom.