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#50 : 1968 Ford F-250 (2WD). Picked this one up from a friend for $1,500. I told him it was a classic, even looked it up it's value, but he only let me talk him up $500 from his original offer. He's got a 70-something Chevy 4X4 and just picked up an 98 (I think) police cruiser (for only $1,000) so he wanted to get it out of the garage, and figured I'd give it a good home, and give him visitation rights. It's in great shape, he put some work into the carb, new radiator and some new body parts so it has no dents or rust. Anyways, I wanted something that could make it up to the land with a little less work than the Nissan takes going up those hills, and the blast of cold air coming in the rot hole in the door was getting a little old. Plus, now Fords out number other brands in my driveway, and I have a couple classics.

UPDATE: I decided I had too many cars so I tried to sell this one. It's in excellent condition, and I got only one offer. The guy was unreasonable, didn't want to pay even close to what it was worth, and a lot less than I was willing to let it go for. So, instead I gave it to my little brother back on October 20, 2007. He and his wife wanted to fix it up and use it as their truck. Instead, in October of 2009 they bought a 4 wheel drive 1990's Ford F250 crew cab, so they gave this one back to me, sort of. we're sharing it. They still want to fix it up real nice, they're in a class working on the paint job right now. they figured that since they didn't pay anything for it, they would pay for all the work on it and we would share it. They are also taking care of all the insurance and licensing, for my part it gets to live at my house. So now I have 4 old Fords and a newer Subaru hanging out here. Pretty good deal for all.